Huge Growth in Double-Handed Yacht Racing

Due to new recognition of the growing popularity Worldwide of short-handed yacht racing, in particular this year’s Fastnet Race which has no less than 95 two-handed entries along with the inclusion of a mixed double-handed offshore keelboat event at the 2024 Olympics, it has now been confirmed that the CYCA will include a double-handed division for the 2020 Sydney to Hobart. More news on this can be found here…
The ORCV already allow their competitors to compete double-handed in any of their offshore races, however with over 30 entries for a inshore double-handed race recently and the success of Rod Smallman sailing his Sun Fast 3600 this season, it is likely that they will be putting a lot more energy and focus on double-handed racing.
The Jeanneau Sun Fast yachts have a specific focus on short-handed racing, and the new Sun Fast 3300 is very much at the forefront of IRC short-handed design, including winning a 350Nm race single handed with a symmetrical spinnaker, racing against 50 double-handed yachts! Even though the Sun Fast 3300 is a brand new design, hull #03 will be taking part in that two-handed division in the Fastnet race.
But it’s not just in offshore sailing where short-handed racing is growing. The biggest fleet in Australia is in Hobart where they run a winter short-handed series which has had 45 entries!
Furthermore, Sandringham Yacht Club in Victoria has also just confirmed that they will now be offering a separate double-handed division and start in the ‘Around the Sticks’ racing on Saturdays this coming summer season.
One of the aspects that existing owners in Australia love about their Sun Fast 3200’s and 3600’s, is that these designs are very stiff and balanced, so that you can get a really good level of performance without carrying a big compliment of crew. And better again is that using Jeanneau’s scale of build the Sun Fast’s are the best value-for-money of their type on the market. The range continually achieves podium results on IRC in both short-handed and fully crewed events, so have well proven their diversity.
The new 3300 will undoubtedly continue that legacy and the first example is due in Western Australia during October, and will be competing in the 2019 Sydney to Hobart along with Rod Smallman in his Sun Fast 3600.
We already have strong interest from a number of boat owners at Sandringham Yacht Club, but in the meantime, we have a number of outstanding second hand race yachts set up for double-handed racing now available for sale for those that want to get racing this summer. Click here for more details…
Otherwise we created a ‘2 Handed Racing’ group on Facebook if interested in joining…