Jeanneau ‘Black Label’ Special Offer

The full range of Jeanneau sailing yachts are going from strength to strength in the Australian market.
With the first model of the new design ‘9’ series, the Sun Odyssey 409, winning the much coveted European Yacht of the Year Award upon it’s launch, Jeanneau knew they were in touch with what the sailors of today wanted in a yacht.
Now available in four different below deck layouts, the 409 is still one of the favourites of the series which starts with a new 34 footer, the Sun Odyssey 349, and stretches out to a 50 footer, the Sun Odyssey 509. All the yachts have a full range of options to suit your needs such as a suite of sail choices including self tacking jibs, furling mainsails, and Code 0’s.
To help you celebrate these wonderful yachts, Jeanneau has just announced MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on select models within the range. Extra special prices, under the ‘Black Label’ promotion, will make it even more easier to choose a Jeanneau as your next yacht.
For a limited time, the Sun Odyssey 379, the 409 and the 439 carry the ‘Black Label’ pricing. Jeanneau has not forgotten those sailors who are fans of their Deck Saloon range either with the stunning Sun Odyssey 50 Deck Saloon model carrying the ‘Black Label’ pricing special as well.
The Sun Odyssey 379 is available in two or three cabin layouts and adds to your flexibility of choice by having three different keel options, standard, lifting or shoal, and sail choices that include a self-tacking headsail option. The award winning 409 also has a full range of internal layout options and continues the Jeanneau policy of listening to their customers by providing the full range of sail packages. With the 409’s bigger brother, the Sun Odyssey 439, you experience the same attributes that contributed to winning the Yacht of the Year Award in a larger package.
The Sun Odyssey 50 Deck Saloon is the ideal large sailing yacht. Fluid lines, high performance hull by Philippe Briand, and a luxurious interior that has an elegance that will please the most discerning eye.
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