Windelo 50 Sailing Eco-Catamaran

Introducing the Windelo 50 Eco-Friendly Sailing Catamaran...

38 South Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive Australian & New Zealand agent for the new and environmentally friendly Windelo eco-catamarans made in the south of France.

The Windelo 50 sets the standard for environmentally friendly fast cruising catamarans. The Windelo 50 delivers outstanding performance and high levels of comfort combined with a sturdiness that inspires trust. This is a yacht that is just begging you to dare to dream. Step aboard and start your own adventure.

The Windelo 50 is tailored for sailors with vast horizons. One look at the slightly fuller lines at the entrance than some other catamarans, confirms the architect duo Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman have designed a boat that performs well even when it is fully loaded for a blue water adventure. Combine this with a powerful rig, modest displacement, and daggerboards to ensure that you can cover broad stretches of the ocean at speed without having to cut back on vital equipment needed to travel in comfort.

The nacelle: a user-friendly and modular space

The key to the layout was to create a friendly space that worked for everyone and involved everyone. The first essential step was to ensure that the helm station was an integral part of the layout. You can create a spacious unified area where the skipper steps out of isolation and integrates fully into the onboard social life by opening the sliding door between the forward cockpit and the galley. With the help of autopilot, you could easily cook and steer simultaneously! It also means that crew who are relaxing in the saloon are readily available to lend a hand at a moment's notice.

There are other thoughtful practical benefits, such as the highly comfortable 115 x 200 cm pilot berth, situated in the main saloon within easy reach of the helm.

There is a chart table at the foot of the forward cockpit in the saloon layout, which makes circulation on board easier. To give you an idea of the space available: the saloon dining table expands to accommodate 6 to 12 people. You can also use an additional outside table for 6 to 12 people at anchor.

Depending on the power output of your solar panels, the nacelle roof can be fitted with sun pads for sunbathing at anchor.

As we are all different and our adventures equally so, we choose unique boats for a unique life experience. Options such as trims, navigation instruments or equipment for life on board, as well as the fitting and layout of the indoor spaces can all be customized to match any sailor’s expectations. Feel like a portside cabin with two bunk beds, a desk on the starboard, customized showers with a separate toilet? Feel like mixing the layouts proposed in the first plan with the second plan? Our Windelo 50 Adventure catamarans are semi-custom and we can adapt the layout to suit you. Our design teams will work with you to offer customized plans, paying close attention to weight studies and centering weight.


Available in 3 specifications...

Adventure version

For you, does sailing rhyme with adventure, crossing the oceans, and beautiful discoveries? Wind &, turquoise water, endless horizons, and magical sunsets on a remote island? Do you search for freedom and to reconnect with yourself and the nature around you? You love your planet, and you wish to sail by respecting this beautiful world around you?

Then the Windelo Adventure is just the boat for you! So follow your dreams, and let's get away from it all! Let's feel the breeze and savor life.  Your next adventure will start here!

The Adventure version is the most accessible boat. Designed for exploration and adventure, her hull protections have been upgraded. The materials used are robust and easy to maintain, allowing alterations onboard in keeping with requirements. This version comes with lifting centerboards or high-performance fixed fin keels. Her characteristics make her particularly open to charter. Her equipment focuses on managing resources and waste.

Click here for a virtual tour for the Windelo 50 Adventure


Yachting version

Do you dream of high-performance, ecological, sustainable sailing? Generous yet demanding you would like to feel at home on your catamaran, enjoying the comfort of each space in good company?

Experience simple luxury on our Yachting version. Sail on a boat you can really identify with. Take the time to admire the beauty of the sea and fully enjoy the moment in enveloping comfort and silence.

The Yachting version is the deluxe version that offers owners the widest range of customizations. Top-quality materials are used with detailed trims. We have paid special attention to the comfort of the accommodations (thickness of cushions, feel of fabrics, etc.)


Sport version

Are you looking for a fast, efficient, high-performance sailboat, with comfortable living spaces? Do you love technical innovations and believe that less is more in an environmentally friendly world?

Our Sport version is a perfect fit for you. Enjoy managing resources, while achieving your full potential and feel the speed of the wind and the sea spray on your skin.

The Sport version is a high-performance boat. We have used top-quality technical materials to reduce the catamaran’s weight (carbon, technical fabrics, etc.) The layout, equipment, and deck gear options also help to make the boat light and optimize performance under sail.
The hull structure has been strengthened, yet the boat is lighter, since the composite materials and textiles have been tailored to the structure, indoor fittings, furniture and floors.

Note: The price offered is in EURO EX-TAX and EX-FACTORY in France, for a BASE BOAT that is MADE TO ORDER. For more information, please fill in our enquiry form or contact Rohan Veal on 0414 538 959.

Price: From €1,087,313
Brand: Windelo
Model: 50
Length: 15.24 Meters
Year: 2024
Engine Type: Electric or hybrid engines
Condition: New
State: Australia
Suburb: Australia
Engine 1
Engine Make: Electric or hybrid engines
Fuel Type: Electricity and diesel
Drive Type: Inboard / Shaftdrive
Engine 2
Engine Make: Electric or hybrid engines
Fuel Type: Electricity and diesel
Drive Type: Inboard / Shaftdrive

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