Amazing Merry Fisher Sales Growth

It comes with no great suprise that Jeanneau’s Merry Fisher range of outboard power boats have seen a huge growth over the last five years thanks to clever designs, a huge options list, extremely stable hull, excellent value for money and fantastic after sales service. However it wasn’t until we actually checked the sales figures, that we have now sold 200 boats in Australia and New Zealand, with a 35% growth every year!
Lead by the popular the Merry Fisher 795 that now has over 1,000 hulls built in just over two years, this growth is not slowing down either as the Jeanneau factories in Poland and the USA are increasing their production even more to meet the demand.
Already the Merry Fisher range is the market leader in fully enclosed outboard power boats in Australia, however it is also our goal to make Jeanneau the biggest fiberglass boat brand in Australia within the next five years.
We are more than capable of achieving this, as we are one of only a few dealer networks that has an office in every state of Australia, and Jeanneau is continually releasing new models every year that are an instant and award winning success.