New Generation Sun Fast 3200
Always at the forefront the latest demands and trends, Jeanneau is launching the new generation of the Sun Fast 3200.
The Sun Fast 3200 R2 benefits from three major new changes to appeal to the high-end sailboat racer: an open cockpit, a carbon mast and a straight keel. These three evolutions ensure gains in speed, fluidity and ergonomics.
Proven results – during the last Spi Ouest-France, the two first spots on the podium were occupied by two Sun Fast of this new generation.
First evolution of the Sun Fast 3200: the open cockpit.
More contemporary, this option facilitates movement about the deck, and thus ensures efficient manoeuvres.
The life raft locker has been replaced by an under-cockpit floor locker. The mainsheet track can thus be positioned over the life raft. Raised footrests enhance comfort and security for helmsman and trimmers. The backstay adjustment has moved to the boat’s centreline.
A kit version of this new cockpit is also available for owners of existing Sun Fasts. The cockpit is simply removed and replaced by the new kit. Optional parts can be installed directly by the owner or by his or her dealership.
The result is a lighter boat, more precise manoeuvres, and improved ergonomic design.
 Carbon mast and straight keel
An optional carbon mast can now be added. An innovative addition, the carbon mast can be over 40 centimetres taller, for a lighter, more powerful boat. This high-quality material lowers the centre of gravity in the boat for greater speed and better performance.
Another option, the new straight keel, has also been developed for competitive sailing.
This new keel allows, notably, an optimised IRC rating, as well as reduced drag. A good addition for crewed inshore racing.

A modified saloon table
The Sun Fast 3200 has drawn inspiration from the Sun Fast 3600 with this new model now offering a new saloon table.
Wider and more comfortable, the new fold-down table better accommodates gatherings on board without hindering movement about the cabin.

The Sun Fast 3200 will be on display at the 2016 Sydney International Boat Show