Review of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 855

Mission Statement 
The mission of the Merry Fisher 855 is to combine innovative interior design solutions with a fuel-efficient, outboard powered cruiser. With two separate cabins, this boat ranks in the category of being a true cruiser opening up many possibilities for couples. With her side opening door by the helm she’s also easy to operate single handed.
Distinguishing Features
• Outboard power. This not only gives the Merry Fisher 855 the reliability that today’s outboard engines offer, but increases the available space inside the boat that the design team was able to take full advantage of. She’s offered in either single, or twin engine configurations; undoubtedly the twin engine setup will offer her a better CG balance and improved maneuverability and important redundancy needed for extended cruises.
• Innovative salon seating. The booth seating in the salon converts to a berth in the usual manner, but the forward seat is also reversible allowing it to convert to a forward facing bench seat. Workspace ahead of the seat allows the observers to become an active part in the navigating.
• Movable rear bench seat. The cockpit bench seat is mounted to a rail allowing it to slide forward creating room for the engines to be fully raised when beaching the boat or taking her our of service.
• Dual opening skylights. While the benefits of the hardtop are obvious, this design also incorporates two opening smoked skylights. They let daylight in while still providing protection, and when desired allow sunlight and fresh air in. This design also aids in visibility from the helm when making turns to port. The skylight drops down into view of the turn adding to the safety factor.
• Sliding side door. A door just to starboard of the helm allows quick access to the side decks making single-handed operations a simple affair. A large cleat is just forward of this door, and if it were relocated to a position adjacent to the door it would make single-handed tie-ups even easier.
• Asymmetrical deck layout. Jeanneau went with an offset wheelhouse for the Merry Fisher 855 and as such the starboard side deck is wider than the portside. This again plays into the sliding side door next to the starboard side helm. However, the port side deck is still easy to negotiate thanks to the abundance of handrails and the side rail that extends well back to the cockpit.
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