Test of the Prestige 620S “a boat that can do everything you want.”

“There is nothing quite like the sporty feel of an express yacht with an open sunroof and salt air coursing through the boat. On the other hand, there is also much to be said for the calm, cool serenity in the saloon of traditional motoryacht when underway. With the recent introduction of the new Prestige 620S lucky yachtsmen and women can now have it either way. The new Prestige 620S has kept the best parts of the 60, but has a few new ideas all its own.”


“As I walked the decks of the Prestige 620S and looked closely at the fit-and-finish, my obsessive/compulsive eye saw that all work was executed flawlessly. This truly is a yachtsman’s boat, and it was easy for me to picture the places that this boat could take my family.
If you have been thinking about a motoryacht, a trawler, a cruising convertible or sedan, or even a large express cruiser, then I urge you to find a Prestige 620 or 620S and get aboard her. You’ll discover that this is boat that can do everything you want.”
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